Our ancient ideologies, our faith, our beliefs have gradually blended into new ones over centuries. The way we live now has completely changed and contrasts with how our ancestors ever lived. If we are to move forward, we cannot be afraid of the unknown. Being able to think out of the box, coming up with creative ways, and of course, challenging the existing norms if needed, is what will enable us to create a better future. We must accept challenges as opportunities and drive straight ahead in our lives.
People have a common perception that humanity has already explored every possibility in this world. People tend to cling to the illusion of a comfort zone instead of looking out for the millions of opportunities awaiting their discovery. But greatness awaits only those bold ones who leap, stretch their wings and are ready to explore the unexplored. It is the strength and the audacity to challenge the unknown that makes us feel alive and motivated to progress in life. The willingness to think, discover new ways, and challenge existing standards will help us to build a better future.
With a quest to evolve and to fill the thirst for knowledge and advancement of human civilization, let’s
"Explore the Unexplored"

TEDxIIMSambalpur 2020 theme:

“Explore the Unexplored”